Estimation tool for post-tensioning projects

Our Post-Tensioning (PT) Calculator provides a starting point for material needs in preliminary job projections for office buildings, residential buildings, and parking structures. By entering bay and span width dimensions our tool outputs slab, drop, and beam cross-sections along with the weight of rebar and post-tensioning per square foot that your project will require.  With this information, you can project a preliminary cost estimate for your upcoming PT project!

The calculator supports the following framing types: 

  • Typical office and residential buildings with regular spans between columns (Office Flat Plate and Residential Flat Plate)

  • Typical office buildings with long spans between core and exterior columns (Office with Wide Shallow Continuous Drops)

  • Multiple level wood apartments (Podium Slab)

  • Garages with long spans between columns (One-Way Parking Garage)

  • Garages with short to medium sized spans between columns and/or where height is controlled by vehicle clearance height requirements (Two-Way Parking Garage)

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