layth Hussein E.I.T., PROJECT MANAGER

Layth Hussein is most enthusiastic about the tight-knit team atmosphere at Kline Engineering. From his perspective, Kline’s ability to provide superior service to other firms is founded on the strength, expertise, and the positive attitudes of its individual members. Professionally, he gains the most pleasure from seeing his projects realized in a way that helps make his clients more successful and profitable.

Layth follows in the footsteps of his father, an accomplished and successful engineer in his own right. Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Layth emigrated to the United States in 2008 where he returned to school, eventually earning a Masters of Engineering in Civil Engineering from The University of Virginia. He is a member of the ASCE and the Iraqi Society of Civil Engineers. His multicultural upbringing gives him a singularly focused approach to his work. 

Layth is immensely proud of his achievements and his heritage but his path to success has not been an easy one. Living and working in the United States has presented unique challenges for Layth and his family, both here and back home in Iraq. Despite, and perhaps as a result of these challenges, Layth is a wonderful team member, thanks not only to his expertise, but also to his positive and creative approach to his work and his knack for critical thinking. He is fluent in both English and Arabic.