Don Kline has over 20 years of experience in the design, analysis, and construction of concrete buildings, tanks, and bridges. His capabilities include the design of post-tensioned and conventionally reinforced concrete frame buildings; inspection and evaluation of buildings and bridges; design of rehabilitation and strengthening for buildings and bridges; design of deep and shallow foundations; and design of building frames to carry wind and seismic loads. 

Additionally, Don’s experience includes in-depth destructive and non-destructive inspection strategies for evaluation of existing concrete structures. He has extensive experience in strengthening existing structures using various methods, including externally applied post-tensioning and fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites and he also provides forensics investigations for prestressed and non-prestressed concrete structures.

Don had an inclination towards engineering from an early age, finding that math and science both came easy to him. He had a passion for tinkering and getting to the bottom of how things worked, from rebuilding his motorcycle as a teenager to designing a prototype high-endurance airplane in college. Growing up on his father’s dairy farm in Manassas, VA taught him the value of hard work and entrepreneurship at an early age – a lesson he’s carried with him throughout his life and into his own business venture.

One of Don’s most notable achievements is the construction of the roof structure of the Dulles International Airport Main Terminal. This iconic catenary roof supported by cables was challenging to design and even more challenging to build, but Don – in the role of project manager – and his team met their goal, a feat of which Don is reminded each time he travels through Dulles International. But Don is most proud of building his company, Kline Engineering & Consulting, from the ground up while raising two children.

Don is earnest when he says he believes Kline Engineering to be one of the best companies in the world in their field. Kline brings together decades of cumulative expertise, experience, state-of-the-art technology, and a dedicated and responsive staff to help clients solve their most challenging problems in innovative ways. Don is a frequent lecturer for the Post-Tensioning Institute’s seminar series “Design of Post-Tensioned Concrete Structures”.  He is an active member of the Post-Tensioning Institute - appointed chair of the Technical Advisory Board, member of various technical committees, and member of the board of directors. Don is also active with ACI – serving as voting member of various technical committees including ACI 318-G, and he is a past president of the National Capitol Chapter ACI.

Don's passions in life are his family, his business, his community, and his church. He was past President of the Rotary Club of Manassas and serves on the boards of various community organizations and non-profits. When he isn't working, you might find Don enjoying his half-Greek heritage in a taverna by the Aegean Sea. 

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