The Surf Club – North Tower

Surfside, Florida

Set to open in spring 2016, Residential & North Tower at The Surf Club features a 12-story residential tower with 150 condominiums including 12 penthouses. The residential development also will have a private club, two restaurants, four swimming pools, and a spa and fitness center. The residence frame sits on top of a 4 to 6 foot deep concrete cantilever post-tensioned transfer slab, also called “Sky Mat,” located at the 5th floor of the tower.

KEC’s primary objective was to design the structural transfer slab to support 8 concrete floors including the roof relying on core walls and frame action of the wing walls for support. As part of the design process, KEC developed a 3D finite element model of the complete 12 floor concrete frame to analyze and design it and to control deflections in critical areas. The transfer slab was designed as a two way post-tensioned slab with unbonded tendons. Due to the large shear demand in the Sky Mat, a set of virtual beams or spines in the form of stirrup reinforcement were added to direct shear to its main supports.