Guillermo Montalvan, Senior Draftsman

Guillermo Montalvan brings over 16 years of experience as a professional drafter in the Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland areas to Kline Engineering. His expertise includes projects ranging from the simple to the very complex, allowing him to contribute to the extremely high value that clients have come to expect in their final products from Kline Engineering.

For Guillermo, drafting and designing always presents a new challenge, but that’s the aspect of the job he finds most rewarding. He specializes in incorporating creative ideas and innovative drafting techniques into Kline’s projects and is always seeking new opportunities to learn and enrich his skill set. On a daily basis, Guillermo can be found drafting foundation plans and framing plans, section views, structural details, and structural schedules for commercial and residential projects utilizing various structural 3D-modeling software products, primarily AutoCAD and Revit.

Guillermo received his education at Northern Virginia Community College, where he attained proficiency in AutoCAD, Revit Architectural and Maya 3D-modeling software and various other computer graphics software.