9th Street Bridge

Washington, DC

The 9th Street Bridge is located in the northeastern portion of Washington, DC. Originally constructed in 1941, this seven-span bridge has undergone numerous major repairs, resulting in the need to completely replace it. Currently, the 9th Street Bridge passes over New York Avenue, Amtrak and CSXT Rail facilities, providing a vital transportation corridor to residents and businesses located in the Trinidad, Ivy City, and Brentwood neighborhoods. 

The major objective of the repair project was to demolish the existing bridge structure and replace it with a new four-span, steel plate girder bridge. Improved aesthetics, increased pedestrian accessibility, and enhancing adjacent roadways were among the remainder of the project goals. 

KEC’s primary objective was to design a repair plan for five existing bridge piers that had unsound of deficient concrete surfaces. The solution consisted of removing spalled and delaminated concrete and patching these areas with a repair mortar. Once the concrete was repaired, KEC designed a Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) strengthening solution over the deficient regions. The quantity of FRP sheets applied to the affected regions was equivalent to the number of existing reinforcing steel ties in the columns. The FRP installation process was simplified by the use of KEC drawings, which provided complete FRP installation details and procedures.