Flying point road 2.jpg

Flying Point Road

Water Mill, NY

Located in the Hamptons of New York, this beach front, single family home offers a modern design with just over 5,800 sf of total finished floor area, 70 ft of full-height window panels that face the Atlantic Ocean, and a detached 1,067 sf pool house.  The residence is constructed of post-tensioned concrete slabs and conventionally reinforced concrete walls, footings, and columns.

KEC’s task was to design the post-tensioned slabs of both the main house and the pool house.  Interesting structural features of this home include long spans and long cantilevers.  To preserve uninterrupted views and living space the maximum span of the roof slab is 54 ft.  The long cantilevers give the impression that the house is floating in air, the longest of which reaching 20 ft.  In order to reduce long term sagging of the slab, KEC provided state of the art post-tensioning design.